Session is invalid ERROR

When you get session is invalid ERROR, it is because some Internet providers may not be compatible with our service, so we will leave you an easy way to solve this problem. FOR THAT WE NEED A VPN, if you already have premium vpn like nordvpn or ExpressVPN, connect your vpn and try again, it should work. We will solve this problem with a free vpn that comes by default with the opera browser.

How to solve it?

Step 1 with Opera Browser Free VPN #

First you need to install the opera browser, it is available on mac and windows, linux, you can download the opera browser from this link

step 2 Activating opera vpn. #

The following video shows how to activate the Opera VPN

Step 3 connect to your favorite tool #

Navigate to your contracted plan, refresh the page, if you are on windows use the f5 key and connect your favorite application, and everything should work.

IMPORTANT, the opera vpn can be very slow so we do not recommend using it continuously, ALSO YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS NEED A VPN, it may be only for a few days and then you could access our applications without problems

Step 4 Only if you already have a paid VPN #

If you have a paid VPN just activate connect to a nearby country and login to our website and connect to our services, problem should be solved. There are many premium VPN providers like NORDVPN, surfshark, etc. But here we will give you a FREE alternative.

Are you still having access problems? contact our live chat to help you

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